Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The a to z is finally done
and every character had some fun
the pace has really zipped along
as bloggers are a zany throng
will next year's bash begin with A
or will there B another way
I guess we'll have to wait and C
what D-evelops, mustn't we?
Take it E Z blogging crew
your F-orts speak so well of you!


Donna said...

Clever! I'll be checking in regularly, as usual! It is never Z end.

rch said...

Thanks Donna, I didn't stop by yours and others nearly enough this year, so many distractions in the real world, thanks so much for all your great comments.

Jak Cryton said...

Congratulations on finishing the A to Z man! I was a little worried when you hit that rough patch a bit ago, but you pulled through :)

Sorry I am so far behind in catching up. Tried to do the best I could during the challenge, so bare with me as I backtrack some. I appreciate the visits and comments, man!

I really like your poetry (and the shorts) you've posted. Godspeed with the rest of your blogging! I will be stopping by!

Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

rch said...

Jak, no,need to apologize, I didn't exactly get around much myself, but I did enjoy your writing and interacting with you. I will be adding you in my links and will be checking in with you also, take it easy :-)