Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A tart like that can tame
a sweet tooth into shame
although the shell can be a little flaky
but sugar tends to rot
away the teeth you've got
and leave the ones remaining very achy

so prudently indulge
and you won't sport a bulge
that makes you crave this naughty treat intensely
decide to be a pig
and you'll find out that big
is when you're feeling mortified immensely.


Mary said...

Love your word play in this!!

Let the reader be warned...LOL.

ariverflowsby said...

Too late for me. Had to get me some of those store bought teeth.

Lynn Proctor said...

way to give a guilt trip haha :)

Donna Smith said...

I thought you said this was going to be fun!
Well, it was good. But I am skipping those leftover jelly beans over on the counter that are taunting me now.

rch said...

Well it's all about desire of one kind or another ;-)

Summer Ross said...

Anything in small doses is alright- for the most part when involving food. :)
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