Monday, April 22, 2013


Your gift is knowing when to prepare
a complement with witty flair
that makes the most of any affair

with each concoction that you whisk
you take another daring risk
despite detractors that go *tsk*

complaining of the subtle sting
that flavors every dish you bring
with just the right amount of zing.


Donna Smith said...

Yeah, I have to be careful that I don't have too much "zing", especially with those who don't know me. They can confuse it with poison, I think!

Scarlet said...

I love the saucy dish of words ~ Good work on the rhyming verses ~

rch said...

Thanks Donna and Grace, week 4 of a-z will be more fun, enough heavy stuff ;-)

Vandana Sharma said...

Very nice use of modern words

Unknown said...

It is always good to 'kick it up a notch'. In food and in writing.

Emma said...

Visiting-found your blog on A-Z Challenge. Love your poems. Please continue. Blessings.

rch said...

Haha thanks!

Summer Ross said...

This one has some terrific flow and rhymes. Well done.