Friday, April 05, 2013


I've never thought I'd be among the Masters
or even have a chance to be a star
but barring any unforeseen disasters
at least allow this duffer to hit par.


Salvwi Prasad said...

Short and crisp.Really nice one.

Donna said...

I'm liking these even better now that I know I'm not looking at a real bird description (you got me on Bantam)! I'm intrigued by what you can do with birds' names alphabetically, relating them to something/one. Finch, Falcon, Flycatcher, Flamingo...hmmm. I am so curious now, I want it to be Saturday.

rch said...

Haha thanks ;-)

Jemima Pett said...

Lovely! Good luck with your next birdie :)
Happy A to Z-ing
Jemima at Jemima's blog