Tuesday, April 02, 2013


With a cocky strut
he rules the ring
best guard your gut
his punches sting

he isn't tall
but man he's dense
a small brick wall
with iron defense.

You think you're strong
well give it a go
it won't be long
we'll hear him crow.


Sidonie Helena said...

I don't usually read poetry, but I liked this. It had a nice little kick to it!

Lynn Proctor said...

haha very cute!!

richard said...

Someone will be along to kick his butt! There's always someone tougher and bigger and meaner.

Donna said...

Oh, yeah! We had chickens when I was a kid...and those roosters were mean. We had so many holes in our arms from them!
It was a perfect description of my tortured childhood.

Carolina Diez said...

I'm reading you now! I enjoy reading poetry...wish I could write it. One of my favorite poets is Billy Collins.
Visiting from A-Z Challenge

Julia King said...

Wow, that's a fantastic poem. There's so much power in such few words. You're a pro! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jak Cryton said...

Another sweet piece. I wish I had learned the art of poetry, man. If I may, I thought I'd recommend another A to Z participant focusing on poetry. You may enjoy: Rebeccah at Rebeccah Writes

Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

rch said...

Thanks everyone, I like to watch boxing from outside the ring ;-)

Donna said...

I hate boxing AND chickens, so whichever this was truly about - I guess it's the same thing to me!

rch said...

Well it's all part of my theme - the titles are names of birds but the poems aren't necessarily about birds though I have tried to throw in as much avian quackery as I could hatch ;-)