Monday, April 15, 2013


My mind unjustly murdered you for being who you are
instead of finding some way to assist
I left the scene without a clue then searched both near and far
for sanctuary rumored to exist
beyond the sunless shore entombed in mist.

I've felt a presence chasing me, determined to convict
the criminal it clamored to indict
I never knew the damage prosecution could inflict
or just how quickly it could end ones flight
insisting on the right to extradite.


Melanie Schulz said...

nicely done. Intense and intelligent.

Shawn Yankey said...

Very good! I really enjoyed it.
Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

Anonymous said...

A touch of survivor's guilt? I know that is something that no mother would ever impose on her child. A mother's love is truly unconditional...Remember the good times! ;)

Sania Heba said...

This is very sad. But very beautiful. Its one of those poems that make your heart ache.

Sania at Embracing Dawn

rch said...

Thanks, this is about my inability to handle her drinking when I should have kept trying to help her stop. I know it's a bit sad but I promise by the end of this week it will get better.

I thought I heard a mouse in the house :-P

Jak Cryton said...

This is very good, but also sad :( Sometimes you can't fully help someone, especially if they don't want to help themselves.