Thursday, November 03, 2011


Gertrude Germanky
was laughably lanky
and always came off
as a little bit cranky

she’d scathingly scoff
and men (with a cough)
were rapidly donning
what they’d chanced to doff.

Despite all the yawning
her banter was spawning
she seemed to be blind
no inkling was dawning

to try and be kind
or not speak her mind
and once she passed thirty
the odds that she’d find

a beau who was flirty
or daringly dirty
grew steadily worse
for garrulous Gerty.


Brother Ollie said...

I always imagine your poem layed down over a steady riff.

Oh I got trees.

Laurie Kolp said...

lol- Poor Gerty...I really enjoyed reading this... great rhyme/ rhythm!

PattiKen said...

Very cute. Old Gerty reminds me of my fifth grade teacher.

rch said...

lol thanks everybody, I love making up weird names and then imagining their quirks.