Sunday, November 13, 2011


A person perpetually perplexed
may find that it's a challenge to exist
when stumbling from one crisis to the next
through follies of frustration that persist.

We really shouldn't snicker at the sight
of people perpetually perplexed
for any one of us could face the plight
supposing that our luck is somehow hexed

that someone's evil mojo has been flexed
to cast a spell of never ending strife,
a person perpetually perplexed
mistakenly blames others for their life

and all the pain they bring upon themselves
like me, a vessel evidently vexed
defeated in whatever den it delves
a person perpetually perplexed.


Laurie Kolp said...

Good one! I think some thrive on the drama of always being the victim.

Daydreamertoo said...

Yes, I agree, some people just have that thing about them that either creates drama or, attracts it to themselves. I tend to believe in we reap what we sow.
Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment too.

rch said...

Hi Laurie and DT, I'm glad you both read and commented, thanks and I am glad I have more time to visit more awesome blogs such your two :^)

Jan Freeman said...

A wonderful ode to those perplexed - like me, often

Anonymous said...

This note is not to teach you ; it is only to reach you...
This being a page of poetry...asking are you
I s'pose I am then free to answer or comment accordingly.

A dark cloud overhead may be the answer to the vexation mentioned.
If only a person would look above instead... to find relief from the tension...
cubby of complex said that.