Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I search for signs of meaning in my life
but only find uncertainty and strife,
why can’t I just be like others are
oblivious to callings from afar—

the sultry siren song of distant dreams
which helps drown out the incoherent screams
of sordid souls that cultivate distress
to disregard their own ungodly mess

is sometimes all that keeps me somewhat sane
and stomaching the melodramatic strain
which emanates from this chaotic globe
an inauspicious specimen to probe,

replete with those too bellicose to hear
the symphonies that beckon every ear
with promises of furnishing a clue
on how to make our best potential true.


Jinksy said...

Sometimes distant dreams creep closer...

Shirley said...

Hey Bob,

The dream itself is sometimes worth more than than realizing it. Don't ever wish to be anything but who you are. That's what makes you special! :)

rch said...

Hi Jinksy and Shirley, thanks for your encouragement :^)