Friday, October 16, 2009


The green recruits are weathered now
emboldened by the brawl
they weren’t informed but know somehow
tomorrow comes the fall

a brisker breeze begins to blow
as daylight slowly wanes
these telling omens tend to show
how little time remains

resplendent in their vibrant gear
they feel no fear at all
relieved to leave their torment here
tomorrow comes the fall.


Dimple said...

I must say that you always have an exceptional subject for your compositions!

"resplendent in their vibrant gear
they feel no fear at all"....

I liked these lines the most!

Dimple :)

Noah the Great said...

It's that much more scary when you know it's happening and you can do nothing. (on any subject, I suppose, depending on where you stand)

Amazing write.

Shirley said...

It's coming for sure and I know the feeling...I feel like leaving myself! A beautiful piece of work!

rch said...

Hi Dimps, thanks a lot!

Hi Noah, I've missed your comments, thanks.

Hi Shirley I know it's too soon as usual.