Tuesday, September 08, 2009


The spiral down is quicker
with a shot or two of liquor
and things won’t seem so rough
once you’ve had a little puff—

don’t wallow in confusion
just accept the big illusion
and if you’ve had your fill
take another happy pill.


Dimple said...

Magnificent :)
Beautifully written & nice rhythm :-)


Noah the Great said...

Most of my family has fallen into the pitfalls of alcoholism/drug use.

Shirley said...

OK. Just took another happy pill. I'll let ya know when it kicks in! ;)

rch said...

Heya dimps thanx!

Hi Noah, I'm right with ya.

Shirley it's not nice if you don't share ;)

Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Sorry. It's in the mail!

S.L. Corsua said...

I need a liquor or two of shots m'self... Er. What'd I just shay?

It's the happy pill talking. (grin)

And oh the puff, sometimes I miss the puff (I've quit it for almost a year now).