Saturday, April 26, 2014


The night was dark and subdued
I felt I was being pursued
but I couldn't tell
if my tail meant well
or if it should be eschewed

Resisting the urge to retreat
in fear was no easy feat
my nerves were so frayed
I shook as I prayed
my shadow and I wouldn't meet

I heard the snap of a twig
my squinting eyes grew big
and then I jumped
as my heart thumped
it's own alarming jig

that was all that it took
I stood for a second and shook
and then I ran
like a crazy man
afraid to even look

I made it to my lawn's sweet blades
flew inside, pulled the shades
and started to intone
a vow to never walk alone
through those dark and daunting glades.


Nilanjana Bose said...

Nice to connect through the A-Z challenge. Best of luck for the remaining days and posts. :)

From one poet to another,

Nick Wilford said...

Fun read and moved along nicely. Haven't read a good limerick in a while and here's five! :)

rch said...

Thanks a lot nilanjana and nick!