Monday, April 07, 2014


We were borne
through fields of corn
by tan but tender feet
three young boys
just making noise
and eager to compete

we would run
just for fun
and sometimes we would race
but no one cared
how they fared
for we were in our place

our country home
where fertile loam
and gnarly limbs of wood
could nurture us
without much fuss
we really had it good

till roots were torn
and ties were shorn
and we were forced to move
from innocence
to indigence
an age inducing groove.


seekingmeme said...

You created such a lovely scene in this poem that I could feel the pain of the torn roots. Very powerful!

Donna Smith said...

We really did have it good!

rch said...

Hey, sorry it's taking time to comment back, mega busy, but I will be by your blogs, thanks a lot for commenting.