Thursday, April 03, 2014


Perpendicular partitions pen
a dedicated denizen
that's mousy miniscule amid
the grinding, grueling, greedy grid
where bobble heads obey—
why are we confined this way?


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing your theme is art forms? I am intrigued and entertained!

Donna Smith said...

I'm picturing the cubist bobbleheads now...little cube-headed nodding dolls within their walls. I don't know why I'm picturing them as blockheads...What will you do with D? Could F be fingerpaint? Now I'm going to have to be guessing what word you will be using, as if I didn't have enough of my own stuff to work out!

The Desert Rocks & Intangible Hearts said...

Not sure why, but I love the poem. Sure reminds me of an old cubicle.

rch said...

Yes seekingmeme at least the titles are art related ;-)

Hey Donna, well if I keep going with this theme into next week I'll get to F and we'll see, that's a good one.

Hi Desert rocks, I'm glad you liked my ode to the cube farm.