Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Baby tone it down
you're so bedecked in bling
you look like you might drown
in a sea of shiny things

outlandish doesn't even start
to possibly convey
the spectacle as you depart
and all your bangles sway

your fashion is a failure dear
a gaudy little flop
attempt instead to be austere
not way beyond the top.


Anonymous said...

Visiting from the A-to-Z challenge. Your poem really made me giggle. I'm one of those "over the top" types that sometimes needs a friendly reminder that there's a line between just enough and "people of Walmart". LOL

Donna Smith said...

And she says, "Oh, when you said "baroque" I thought you just meant to stop buying all this gorgeous stuff because YOU were ba-roke!"

Tara Tyler said...

love your modern poetic description!!
great poem!

happy c day =)

rch said...

Hi seeking, glad it made you giggle :^D

Hey Donna, yes you got it!

Hello tara, thanks and may your C be D-lightful