Monday, April 21, 2014


How long can we maintain a crumbling bluff
aware that more erosion will ensue,
how long before we sigh and say "Enough,
I'm leaving now, my efforts here are through."
It only takes one unpredicted storm
to weaken structures that were once robust
a violent heave to drastically deform
the clay that all too soon returns to dust.
Endeavor to construct cohesive bonds
regardless of your ultimate pursuit
for this is where we find the most support,
a blooming rose may have resplendent fronds
but needs a sturdy well established root
or else it's fleeting flourish will be short.

***Well, since this is the third full week of A-Z I am doing a throwback week. You see, I've been posting here almost ten years and there are a lot of older poems that go unread, also I've been so busy since my promotion that my writing has been more terse than usual. So I'm solving two problems at once (see I really was intended for management ;^P) There shall be links back to other poems this week (hopefully 3 per post) so enjoy some extra mediocrity compliments of yours truly, Average Poet. Later!***


Comley Charlotte said...

Great turn of phrase. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge.

Donna Smith said...

Wow, these seem more difficult to do, incorporating other poems into the one! I'd think this would be more time-consuming.
Well-done today. Enjoyed the linked poems, too!

rch said...

Hi Charlotte and Donna, link poems are one of my favorite things about posting online. And if I link to poems that have links in them, well it could go on and on......