Sunday, June 27, 2010


You can hear the great behemoth’s labored breathing to the east
and it shouldn’t be that long before we overhaul the beast
to stop it’s oily breath from clogging up the sooty skies
along with that vociferous breed that poisons as it flies.


madison. said...

Goodness, you are darling. Your poems are so delightful, your visuals immaculate. I adore you. Please visit mine sometime, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Afternoon Tea

rch said...

Hi Madison, I will definitely be adding you in my links list, thanks a lot!

Dimple said...

Hello Bob :)

U know I love these 4-liners!
They are so catchy... and you have a great talent to wrap the subject in these fantastic 4-lines...
You are the best :)
And until I leave comments on your blog, I feel sm task is left incomplete :)

Take care bud!