Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you can’t have light without the dark
why choose the pit above the spark
as many seem to do today;
has evil truly left its mark

upon our slowly crumbling breed
eroded by torrential greed,
or have we simply lost our way
misguided by neurotic need?

We plod along beneath the pall
that permeates each slice of sprawl
but those that prey on those that pray
become the most confused of all.


Robert Lloyd said...

"has evil truly left its mark

upon our slowly crumbling breed
eroded by torrential greed"

This is a truly perplexing question and great verse. Perfect title and a very fitting end.

Anonymous said...

Very good question. I still believe the following: "All that needs to be done for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing."

rch said...

Thanks Rob, I heard something on the news this morning that only proves those words to be true, they've already coined a name for those that profit from the BP fiasco - 'Spillionaires'

Can you believe it?

Hi Shirley, yes that has always been one of my favorite sayings. ;)

Kelstahz said...

I esp. liked 'those who prey on those who pray...' Could have countless meanings that are relevant to the times.

be not blind said...

I love how you weave real TRUTH and convictions into your writings without making it cheesy or 'preachy'. Really great writing.

Dimple said...

Hello Bob,

Perfect title & content!
Best line --
"but those that prey on those that pray" :-)


rch said...

Hi Kel, thanks I hoped that line wouldn't be too cheezy and according to bnb it's not. Thanks to both of you!

Hi Dimps, I'm glad you liked that line too, and to see you my friend.