Wednesday, June 02, 2010


How much is enough
can you answer me this,
does a mountain of stuff
bring limitless bliss?

Or is the weight such
it’s not worth the cost
for having too much
means more to be lost.

A miser will pinch
a penny in two
and give you an inch
when miles are due

but never refuse
a beggar’s request
if you buy one new shoes
in heaven you’ll rest.

The rich will acquire
the most of us all
then into the fire
they’ll rapidly fall

consumed by the flame
of implacable greed
while the wretched and lame
are eternally freed.


alexis nicole said...

So much truth here. Awesome poem.

be not blind said...

NICE! I especially liked:

"while the wretched and lame
are eternally freed"

I've got one that's somewhat similar, more in the direction of being obsessed with looks and expensive clothes. Here's the link. (Copy paste)

And this one is about greed.

Really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing. :)

rch said...

Hi Alexis, thanks a lot :)

Hey bnb, I hope it's true as I'm rather wretched myself. I'll definitely swing by your blog and check them out ;)

Dimple said...

Hello Bob,

What a truth!!

"consumed by the flame
of implacable greed"

Wonderful verbiage.


rch said...

Hi Dimps, thanks a lot.