Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pane Relief

The plywood panes are finally gone
I’m starting to feel less withdrawn
and learning how to cope as I get older;
I’ve had some cause to be depressed
but today I felt completely blessed
when he whispered “Papa”
with his head upon my shoulder.


Dimple said...

Oh my god! What a feeling you've captured... Wonderful :)

Really it is fantastic :)


S.L. Corsua said...

Bob, I followed the link, and another, and reread "Legacy." I remember that poem and that time when I first read it. It's been almost two years now. Reading this poem is indeed a relief; thank you for posting it. It's aptly titled. The first line is so symbolic; its meaning goes so deep.

rch said...

Hi dimps, thanks, my meager words can't begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Hi SL, well that's one good thing about having 5 years of ramblings on here, there's plenty of reference material for those wishing to view it.
I'm so glad that came through in the first line because that is exactly what I intended. Thanks :)