Monday, February 04, 2008


Hello, how is everyone? Hope all is well. Me, I'm extremely tired and in place of my (almost) daily dose of rhyme that I dish out, I offer a blue plate special of plenteous prose spiced up with some chunks of recent history hurled (bad choice of words?) in.

For those that may not know, on top of my usual dreary hourly job which sucks the life right out of me on a daily basis, I also operate a small diner on the side plus play in a band at night. Needless to say it has been a challenge, but I knew it would be when it all started and I'm not complaining.

But on certain days I get cranky, particularly when I realize I have not had a day off in over a month. My head hurts and my eyes get blurry, making it difficult to engage in any type of creative endeavor, let alone even look at a computer. Hence my sporadic spurts of posting/commenting.

The hospitality business is often a thankless one, though I have encountered a lot of good eggs along with the few inevitable bad ones. From my observations, most people just need to be around other people communicating, great food is a bonus.

Which brings me to the heart of my impromptu (love that word) ramble, for you see, one thing we are 'famous' for, and which requires tremendous work to keep prepped, is our home fries, made only from fresh potatoes that must be boiled and peeled continuously. The other day while paring some spuds I came upon a perfectly heart-shaped potato. Not an anatomically correct one, but one shaped like those ubiquitous red blobs that Cupid takes aim at this time every year. Of course my pre-programmed response was, "How sweet, perhaps I should save it to show my wife." Then I remembered my last chance to rest, which was New Years Day btw, and I couldn't wait to slice into that little sucker, cut it into bite-size pieces, fry it up and eat it!

Thank you, please come again.


Shirley said...

Hey, I need a job...can I have one of yours. LOL

When real life isn't your priority you'll know you have a problem. Hope you get a day off soon.

Hang in there, Shirley

ozymandiaz said...

Here's to eating your heart out kid... (well, if you were a couch potato anyhow)

Gerald Galindez said...

i think your daily routine is so punk rock,.

i play music too.

rch said...

Who's ready for desert?

paisley said...

wow... i don't know how you do it and still have time for poetry and world catalyst too... i guess i am just not a multitasker,, so when i find someone that truly is,, i am in awe.......

rch said...

Hi paisley, well sometimes (like right about now) I get really low on gas and I tend to... what was I saying?

Right now I'm praying for President's day to get here as that will be my first real day off since New Year.

Shirley said...

Well, I don't know where to comment so here I am. A lovely walk down memory lane.