Friday, February 08, 2008


My footing failed on icy tracks that coated the cement
I had to put some effort into every increment
expending energy that heretofore had no intent
and now I’m feeling less inclined to be inclement.


noahthegreat said...

Sometimes, I feel like giving up, too.

It's beautiful.

Shirley said...

As long as you didn't fall on your face it sounds like a good thing to me. btw, thanks for the advice but the static didn't work.;) I'll keep trying!

Gerald Galindez said...

hehehe, im happy you noticed my poem, its really not intended for laughter.., ^_^

its weird when you live in a world where they cant relate to what you like..

here in our university,
it seems im the only one left behind...

i dont know if they are ignoramous or something.... but is it right to laugh at a great led zep song Stairway to heaven?

thats what they did to me, hehehe.
i just laugh about the thought..

what are my stuff?

lets just say, im an oldies geek.

i love all the songs of the 50's to 90's

sadly, i dont seem to like the music scene now....

thats all...


rch said...

Hey Noah, I'm slowly making it, thanks.

Hi Shirley, no I made it and do keep trying.

Gerald, I'm sorry I realized the poem was more serious but the title just cracked me up. keep rockin' buddy! :)