Thursday, February 07, 2008


Momentum stalled
a beacon called
to guide me through the shallow sea
of tears I cry for poor old me,
a silly stream
but now I beam.


Bubba said...

Sometimes it's hard to figure out which is worse... the rocks or the sharks. Perhaps a little contact with both helps us to chart our course.

noahthegreat said...

Just don't take a five foot board out and slam into rocks and then be devoured by sharks.

Then, I would have one less poet to read...

Definitely not good for my sanity.

rch said...

Don't worry bubba I seldom get deep enough to see sharks ;)

Hey noah I will always use the buddy system!


Pam said...

Your poem makes me long for the Pacific Ocean again. I moved away in 2006 and miss living on the coast every day. I wrote many poems while living there and even have a surfing one:


Thanks for stopping by my site.

rch said...

Hi Pam, thanks to you also. I love the ocean, even did a brief stint in the Navy, I'm not much for authority though so it was very brief ;)

Nick Mathews said...

find the light and you will find the your guide and you will find yourself. thoughtful, gave me a lot to ponder for a while...

rch said...

Hey nick, I like that! Stop back when you can, take care,