Friday, February 22, 2008

Name Game

The hitch to being frank
and salvaging a nick
you forfeit every hank
to become a plain old dick.


Shirley said...

Now that is a classic! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is rather good.
I love the rhythm.

ozymandiaz said...

well there is a fun litle ditty
here is what i don't get
how do you get dick from richard?
i can kinda see bill from william
but richard to dick?
just don't get it

Bubba said...

Yea, I like this one, too. Names fascinate me. Once, I named a character (a homeless man with no legs who wheeled himself around on a cart) 'Crucibill'.

There's something almost Ogden Nash-like about this one. Very good!

rch said...

Well I didn't even want to go near the connotations for Bob :(