Saturday, March 31, 2012


I haven't felt the urge to dance
in much too long it seems
the tune's been dulled by circumstance
along with distant dreams
though now and then I see a chance
when mystic moonlight gleams
and weary feet once more alight
upon the ballroom of the night
each star an endless sparkle from
a mirror ball ad infinitum.


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Very nice piece of writing, Bob.

I haven't danced for a long time either.

All things change though; the only constant is change.

Thanks for dropping by my new blog and commenting. Good to see you again. :-)


Scarlet said...

Circumstances dull our desire to dance but hopefully some star will sparkle and make you dance once more~

Unknown said...

I completely understand this. For me, depression can erase all desire to do the things that normally create joy. Thank goodness I now know how to keep "The Black Dog" chained.
Meaningful message in lyrical poetic form, Bob.

Dave King said...

I think I was anti-dance as a teenager - put off by "Twelfth Street Rag". Regretting it now, but I particularly understand your poem and applaud it.

rch said...

Hi thanks you guys, yes music can set the mood for us but sometimes we need it to help us get out of the mood we're in.