Sunday, March 18, 2012


The obelisk upon the hill
is a hundred years old
and it'll be standing still
long after I'm cold
but I bear it no ill
that's why it was sold
so time couldn't kill
what flesh fails to hold
regardless how bold.

The stone wall someone started
perhaps some centuries ago
(although they're long departed)
still stands there in a row

and whether young or grizzled
when the winged ones descend
we're just a by-line chiseled
with detachment in the end.


Pat Hatt said...

Very nice flow
And fun rhymes don't you know
So true too
Nothing but a slab of stone when we are through

richard said...

this is a great write. enjoyed it very much. Great job!

rch said...

thanks pat
ay hi to your cat

Hi richard, thanks it was inspired by this cemetary that I pass everyday.