Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Oh my word, there's a cloud in the sky
so raise your prices, jack 'em high
a lion just farted in it's den
you know what to do, gouge 'em again,

you're puzzled why everyone complains
confronted by your record gains
capitalizing on supply and demand
with greed that makes a glutton bland

while fabricating higher peaks
from bits of dung - the whole thing reeks
much worse than when a cow has gas
and you oil barons , you can kiss my ass!


ariverflowsby said...

That about sums up the feelings of most Americans. At least 90 per cent. Good write.

booguloo said...

Mass transit is the way to go anymore.

Matt D said...

Oil companies hard at work, circa 1953:'état

Oil companies hard at work, circa 2003:

Not to suggest a conspiracy,
the problem is endemic
and institutional.

Banking now:

You think prices are bad now,
they can prevent a big bursting of the finical sector
only by printing more and more money
at least until people just give up on the dollar ...
that might be the course they've chosen.

It can't happen here:

rch said...

Yes it's got to stop!

Jan Freeman said...

That's putting it bluntly, Bob :-)

Jennifaye said...

Down with the oil barons!

Unknown said...

Reality! Well written. You addressed so much of what is going on today...
-Erick F.

Anonymous said...

Bitter reality... Well put!

rch said...

Thanks, I can't believe I'm paying over $4 for the first time in my life. I remember the 70s oil embargo when my mom and I waited in line for over half an hour to get our allotted 5 gallons, almost seems better.