Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jilted to the Hilt

What hurts worse: cold steel meant to rend
or the icier shock of a back stabbing friend
an enabling love that's forsaken your greed
or watching them lavish another one's need?

it isn't always a thirsty blade
that cuts a heart in two
at times the deepest wounds are made
by those we thought were true.


Anonymous said...

very true and heartfelt.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

"Jilted to the Hilt," what a powerful rhyme from the start! As for the "thirsty blade," yes, I've felt that, twisted for good measure. An old song: "You always hurt the one you love..."

This is excellent work! Thanks, Amy Barlow Liberatore

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!

Colorblind said...

I Love this poem. Its the truth!

rch said...

Wow thanks everyone!