Monday, October 31, 2011


Existence is the sweetest treat
on which creation splurges
but there won’t be much left to eat
if we can’t control our urges

with seven billion souls in need
of food to stuff their flappers
just make sure before you feed
to not discard the wrappers!

***Today on Halloween the 7 billionth person will be brought into this world, better get more candy.***


somewhereamelody said...

Love the tight structure and the punchline!

Old Ollie said...

7 billion...unreal and a cool poem rch!

richard said...

Yes, 7 billion. And, they tell us,
in the not so distant furture, that number will double. Now we're talking candy!!! Better stock up on candy while there's some left!!

Lena said...

I've a wrapper collection just begun, Richard!

Dave King said...

Great. Just great!

rch said...

Hi all, thanks a lot, it's hard to believe that the last billion only took 12 years to be born, who's having all this sex?