Friday, October 07, 2011


I recall feeling like a gymnast going for the gold
while hoping that still growing hands would have the strength to hold,
the branch I wished to reach was a good six feet from my perch
and I knew that when I grabbed it skinny arms would surely lurch;

I gritted teeth and leapt with all the strength I had inside
then snatched the limb whose prickly bark abraded my soft hide
and when the fullness of my weight felt the pull of the earth
I closed my eyes and held on tight for all that I was worth.

That gap was spanned so often, soon the bark was worn away
the naked wood much easier on youthful hands at play
and there were times I slipped to hit the ground with one big slam
but the fact that I still jumped is just a part of who I am.


Shirley Allard said...

I spent half of my childhood in trees but wasn't as daring as you. Some days I still have the urge to climb up in a tree and just stay there. :)
This is very good!

rch said...

Thanks bud, trying to branch out... ooooh that was bad :P