Sunday, October 30, 2011


Our distant neighbor sparkled in the sky
so brilliantly I couldn't help but spy
She must have felt the prying of my eye
and ducked behind a veil of nimbus nigh

when suddenly a flash distracted me
a shooting star with no humility
went streaking by as happy as can be
enjoying one last meteoric spree

I gazed with awe at heaven's endless reach
impatient to absorb what it could teach
before the glaring sun came out to bleach
away the humble hunger to beseech.


Lena said...

......awe, I really love:

"before the glaring sun came out to bleach"

As a summer recluse that is a well fitting line for me!

rch said...

Hi Lena, just one of my gazing at the sky poems, thanks for commenting :^)