Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I set the bait
and drop a line
then calmly wait
for any sign

that there’s a bite
upon my hook
and then I fight
to drain that brook

of all the fish
within the hole
that have a wish
to taste my soul.


Dimps said...

"then calmly wait
for any sign"


"that have a wish
to taste my soul."

Lovely lines...

good one...!


Carrie Burtt said...

Love the way you linked "line" with your poem called Tackle!Fishing and poetry both food for the soul.

Mary said...

A very creative poem! I found your blog through "Poets United" and Robb's proposal that we do day-tripping, meaning visiting blogs we don't ordinarily visit. I enjoyed yours, and hope you will pay a visit to mine.

Ritz.. said...

Woww .. Beautiful ur writings and the blog too ..


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Excellent poem.

rch said...

Hi Dimps, thanks my friend.

Hi Carrie, yes that's why I like posting on the internet, because you can link to your inspiration or to a similar item that people might enjoy.

Hi Mary, thanks and I'll be over as soon as I can.

Hey Ritz, glad you like the place and please stop by often ;)

Hi Paul, thanks a lot!

Now I will be around to get hooked on all of your lines as well :D