Thursday, August 26, 2010


Is selfish the same as self centered
can a doorway be closed once it’s entered
is chaos the key to conformance
will truth undermine the performance?

The planks that we’re all forced to ply
may help a seasoned star enthrall
but mummers fade before the eye
of those behind the lucent wall,
directed to a quick demise
unless they learn to improvise.


Jingle said...

love your talent!

Jingle said...

u r invited to Attend Thursday Poets Rally.
Thanks for the attention.
Poets do comment back and hope that you come join us...
Happy Wednesday!

rch said...

Jingle I admire yours as well :)

Sorry I just didn't have time this week as we're getting our ISO audit next week and I'm busy preparing, but I will at some point.

Thanks my friend.