Tuesday, August 03, 2010

1000 Posts

The moon is as high as high can be
reflecting the sun half-heartedly
while every choking gutter overflows
with the brown remains of spring’s last throes

a bilge releases brackish ooze
that stains the deeply rutted road,
it slithers like an irritated snake
as Slowhand amplifies the blues
I come back for another load
of clutter from an old abode,
my deadened foot discreetly on the brake.

Perusing yellowed pages of the past
compels one question – did it go that fast?
The spine corroded
when faith eroded,
for how can friendly winds prevail
to fill a limp and lifeless sail
that isn’t even fastened to the mast?

another post goes deep
to shield this outlook that I keep.

We’re here for the doing
so get the job done
refrain from your ruing
those races that you failed to run
and fleeting moments in the sun

reflected by the moon, still rather high
and feeling, for the moment, keenly shy
it ducked behind some clouds that scuttled by
while I repeated – “Why beloved, why?”

Our independence day
relied on the establishment
of reasons for abandonment
to help ignite the fray

the corporation stands to profit
when we decide to deftly doff it
though interwoven with the weft
is doubt that loomed in those bereft
of leisure
or pleasure
or any decent chance at all
of finding buried treasure.

We fraternize beside the pool
such restful relaxation
made possible by chlorination
isn’t murder a handy tool?

The nectar from the sweetest fruit
can’t quench a thirsty point that’s moot
but still we seek that fabled draft
with all our crude attempts at craft,
the frantic fumbles of a green recruit.

another post impales
the earth from which this body hails.

We’re here for the doing
so get the job done
refrain from renewing
your doubt in the gun
when it comes to bullets
it only takes one.

The ghostly moon is paler still
from starting to come down
its pock-marked face looks deathly ill
with such a stony frown.

An abundance of redundancy
makes creativity arcane
indeed, almost profane
like shadowy cave paintings
made from some forgotten stain
that lingers in your brain.

The something we wish to become
will become only when we’re a sum
our destiny won’t be decided
while the world is so clearly divided
we strove for a land void of class
a status we more than surpass
unable to garner comfort from
the time we foolishly bided
when evil was still coiled in the grass.

another post and still
I need some more to ring this hill.

We’re here for the doing
so get the job done
and stop misconstruing
the words of The Son

for the night will continue
relieving the day
while the moon, looking brand new
comes anxious to play.

The sultry air of summer
clings just like a lover
that wants to crawl inside your very skin
enjoy it while it lingers
for soon your crooked fingers
will wrap a tattered scarf around your chin.

The matriarch
whose fragile spark
endowed the courage to embark
could not foresee
the agony
of eremitic artistry.

the thousandth post and nowhere near
the palisade I pictured here
perhaps it’s time to engineer
a bridge.


Shirley said...

Me thinks this one deserves more than one read...1,000 posts...really? Congratulations!

Dimple said...

Hellloooo :)

Oh wow!! Congratulations Bob :)
Loads of wishes... 1,000 posts!! Simply great :)

It is so very well written & trust me, you are so good at it...
I will read this post again n again.

And, thanks for your comment on my blog!


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

this is a 'full' poem loaded with observation, introspection and emotion.
An intense piece indeed.
Congratulations with having had so many words flow in thoughts, with your 1,000th posting!
I've enjoyed reading even just a small number, since finding your blog.
Best wishes,

rch said...

Hi Shirley and Dimps, my two most steadfast supporters, yes it's actually 1000 posts with over 90% being new material written just to post on this blog for lovely people like you to read. I probably would have quit a couple of times but you encouraging comments always keep me going, I humbly thank you both :D

Hi Eileen, I'm glad I found your blog as well for I enjoy your writing! Thanks for all the great thoughtful comments you have left also, I truly appreciate it :)

Jingle said...

1000 post, what an achievement,
I have been blogging for 8 months,
about less than 500 posts...

thanks for the kind remarks in my post,
I appreciate your friendship!

rch said...

Hi Jingle, and I appreciate yours as well. I'm sorry I don't have time for Promising Poets but I really want to thank you for inviting me before :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

There is so much in this poem! I relate to it completely - how fast life goes! I admire the richness, the philosophy and rue, the use of metre and language.......a poem of reflection and observation. It will take more than one reading to absorb it all. HUGELY rich and wonderful, a feast!

rch said...

Hey Sherry, thanks I figured I had to do something different for my 1000th post so I freeformed it :)

Gaurav said...

Hi !

You write such a nice poetry!

Its a pleasure reading ..