Sunday, March 16, 2008

What We Make It

Jealousies, hypocrisies,
subtle incongruities
make you see the cold face
of this world’s reality
in all of it’s ferocity;
a sad and desolate place
that reeks of dark curiosities
and borderline insanity.

Liberals, radicals,
some, a bit fanatical,
endeavor to advance their cause
regardless of eventual
damage causing rituals
like war, which has it’s own laws
denying right to trial
for all things cruel and vile.


paisley said...

i must admit that i am pleased with this one fact of aging... we can see things for what they really are... as we have seen them thru and know the truth... this was a very insight filled poem,, and will provoke much thought in me as i think about it more fully....

rch said...

Hi paisley, thanks this one is a little older.

Stacey said...

Good evening Bob,
the words and the rhythm are brilliant!

Ali said...

This is probably stupid --but when I worked as bill clerk in congress and saw the behind the scenes corruption and deceit it disheartened me. A few honest ones in the bunch, but most were sadly caught up in the game. This poem reminds me of that. There's something eerily comforting when you get to the place you realize never existed in this world if that makes sense. it's like sitting back and knowing the answer while everyone else pretends to search for it. Ali

Gerald Galindez said...

hi bob,

i like the gloom effect of the poem.
its like someone hates the world. and he is right, has the right.


Dan said...

Bob, this one reminded me about your brother going to Iraq. I pray things are going well.