Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long Overdue

Hi everyone. I was thinking what to post today and figured it was time for some payback. I recently received an unexpected and much appreciated shoutout from that growing community of online creativity called Poets Who Blog, run by the magnanimous and talented Sara. She is organizing a promotion for April, which is National Poetry Month, and has asked for participants. Get your asses over there and sign up if you already haven’t, Sara does a lot of work to promote others so let her know you care. She also has her own blog and I highly recommend this poem which voices so well the emptiness I think we’ve all felt at one time or another. You are awesome Sara!!

Next up and I’m sure no big surprise to anyone that has visited my blog, Shirley Allard. She started this Word Catalyst magazine thing and it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger every month. Next month being a national event, Shirley is really working hard to bring you the best issue yet and I know it won’t disappoint. Shirley of course has her own blog also and I would like to direct you to this little gem she just posted. Is that title autobiographical? ;)

I now would like to thank someone that has left me some truly generous comments of encouragement and who is also a great writer in my humble opinion. Noah the Great, someone that says it like it is with style. Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s funny, but his writing is always clever and original. This poem got stuck in my brain, so head over and let him know how good it is. Thanks Noah!

And last but certainly not least, the man that taught me what blogging’s all about, the original bloggin’ poet, Billy Jones. This guy can and does write about everything, just look here, and is also a tireless supporter of others. Thanks Billy!!

Well these were just off the top of my head. More will be coming in future installments as I have been fortunate enough to have some truly kind visitors to my little online world of words that deserve many thanks. Later.


Shirley said...

Bob, thank you so much but I am the one who feels honored to be publishing your work. You are awesome! And yes, I did get a little double-play on that title. ;)
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Your words are filled with kindness and rosy glasses.


paisley said...

noah!!!! my little lovesick poetry writing machine... he is something isn't he??????

Bubba said...

Hey, can I help you people get a room? Sheesh... there's enough love in here to spawn a 60's love-in!

writerwoman said...

Thanks for the mention. Its wonderful to see an active member of PWB talking about our little site. Its really nice of you to send your thanks and encourage more poets to be a part of PWB.