Wednesday, August 01, 2007

II - The Final Stand

Echoes reverberate and catch your ear
The reckoning time is near
You'll know it's come
When freedom is gone
And your thoughts are filled with fear.

It's a deadly game where no one wins
You lose when it begins
A hope for victory
Can never be
The stark reality makes you cringe.

Screaming vengeance for the wrong that was done
New problems have begun
Outlook on life
Teaming with strife
Social lepers shall be shunned.

It becomes a dream where you don't wake up
Troubled sleep won't stop
Toss and turn
Memories burn
You're slowly falling from the top.

Hypocrisy is the accusing soul
With infallible morals
Feel the guilt
A new lie is built
The Apocalypse takes control.


Margaret said...

Wow, wonderful poetry. Thank you for sharing.

-Margie (stopping through after visiting Dr. John who recommended you.)

rch said...

Hi Margaret, thanks for the wonderful comment and tell the Dr. I said thanks too! Stop back often, I'll be here.