Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Changing Stations

We see a clean kitchen (though really how can you tell in black & white) and a tall man dressed in a very dashing suit. In a condescending tone he begins to talk to the woman working in the background. Her smile is tighter than Hoover’s ass and her dress is pressed so stiff it appears to be made from cardboard.

Male: “Sally is preparing a hot meal for her hard working husband when he gets home, not to mention those starving children. Look at all the dishes piling up, poor Sally. If only she had some help. Well now she does – BING – (dishwasher appears) because here is the one and only Wash-O-Matic!

That’s right, now the little misses can put those dishes in our handy dandy pull out rack, pour in some soap, and bingo, you’re off to the movies, or maybe even a little shopping, right Sally (wink). So don’t delay, order yours today!”

Female: Silently poses by washer.


We see a colorful, well styled parlor with a chicly dressed woman wearing glasses that make her exude intelligence, talking quite confidently to a somewhat scruffy looking guy that suddenly appears in the doorway with an unmistakably bewildered look on his face.

Female: “I just picked up our 2.4 children from their various s extracurricular activities after washing the clothes, cleaning the house, writing my thesis, generating record profits for the company I am CEO of, and oh yes, I even changed the oil in your truck.

Please tell me you brought home a nice greasy bucket of that KFC so I don’t have to whip up a gourmet meal from common pantry items and can continue my superhuman efforts unabated.”

Male: *grunt*

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drook said...

great parallels. i tried something like this one by making up a billboard in the future city that was an amalgamation of all the ads that used to be on it...

it culminated with the image of a woman gazing seductively, longingly across a chasm of ripped paper to see her favorite sports drink in paradise. good stuff all around.

yours has a kind of human zoo quality i keep getting back to. :)