Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Out of the Woods

For Phil Jr. - I love you and don't ever do this again!

Beneath the lush primeval brush
you wander through the shadowed hush
uncertain how to make it back
to sunny fields alive with plush

You hear the sound from all around
this cloistered copse of stippled ground
determined to escape the black
which gnaws your heels like Satan’s hound,

Benumbing pain that won’t abstain
then suddenly, the way is plain
lucidity sneaks through a crack
to guide you from the grim domain.


HouseMouse said...

Hi Bob, This sounds scary and very personal... I hope your friend is OK.

rch said...

My nephew is officially OK now (no brain damage) but a lot of broken bones and a long road to recovery. Thanks Shirl,


HouseMouse said...

Thank God! I can always tell when you're writing from the heart. There's a gentle spirit that comes through your words. I hope everything turns out OK.

drook said...

and into other woods...

this reminds me of something

oh yeah
serious brain trauma
(no damage apart from insecurity and PTSD)
near death
grey geese

the backdrop for living is stark.

this poem is really much bigger, but i like it regardless.