Thursday, August 30, 2007


We left the lighted labyrinth
our innocence upon a plinth
then raced the moons reflection
on the rails along the road,

regardless how I gunned the gas
that flashback wouldn’t let me pass
to seek a new connection
more conducive to our load.

The urge to retch is growing stronger
for now the stretch seems that much longer.


Dan said...

Bob, Love the "flashback wouldn't let me pass". Very unique, you have a style all your own. Thanks for your comments on my page; it's never a bad thing to bring someone a smile. Good luck with the resturant.

drook said...

can you ever really leave the labyrinth?

i love the second part, and i feel like people need to write about cars more.

lag sounds more like the gap in adaptation to a different time zone...why isn't this a big concern of the poem? i like what you do with it though...with 'urge to retch'

rch said...

Hi Dan, thanks a lot!

Hey drook, I didn't want to mix flying and driving ;)