Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I - Of The Beast

Macabre reactions at parallel crossroads
Infect your mind with disease,
Shallow waves with tide reversing
Flutter in the fetid breeze.
The crooning moon sings to the night
Stars listen intently,
A glowing ash falls through the sky
Sight is gone completely.
Crooked trees with dead skin falling
Turn and face due west,
An evil beast with red eyes blazing
Rides a boiling crest.


drook said...

I might be way off but this seems split with emotion and observation to no real point but a statement on mortality... I think this is something that has a lot to mine from each side but it gets tripped up on setting the scene.

I always try and be constructive merely for illumination, hope that helps.

rch said...

No you are right on, this was written over 20 years ago when my scribbles first went from random thoughts to some form of structure, plus I was just a kid fraught with contradictions myself (haven't changed much with age). Thanks for your great comments. Take care,