Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playing Hooky

How do true believers? Just in case anyone is wondering, that little tag line was ripped off from Stan Lee’s Soapbox, as anyone that used to read Marvel comics can tell you.

Well as regular readers may know I have been extremely busy lately and now I seem to be a bit under the weather with a cold. So over the next few days I will be posting one of my older compilation works because my mind is mush at the moment. I noticed long ago that certain poems I’ve written at different times in my life seem to have a connection, and so it was only logical to combine them into one story. And as luck would have it, while I was lying in bed resting yesterday I caught a whole blasted in depth series concerning the End Times written of in Revelation. I did have a very religious upbringing as a child, but since have wallowed in spiritual apathy, trying to figure things out for myself. Needless to say I haven’t been very successful.

At any rate, I present to you the one, the only – Apocalypse Trilogy.


drook said...

I did that once... the hooky thing not the apocalypse. Isn't the point to keep the new things going despite maybe feeling stagnant--stuck in idle, or possibly in spite of it?

I say, good sir, explore the nasal congestion! (maybe some echinacea?)

rch said...

Hey drook, thanks for the kick in the ass! I agree and have already penned a new sonnet which I will post at the conclusion of the trilogy. Honesty is always encouraged and appreciated here.