Saturday, January 18, 2014


Is everything about to change
in a drastic kind of way?
for lately life has gotten strange
and all the omens say

that everywhere the world will see
upheaval and unrest
upon the face of every sea
destructive waves will crest

volcanoes will begin to spew
their magma mess around
and massive cracking will ensue
across the crowded ground

the age of Man is sure to end
but no one can foresee
how little time is left to spend
so do it with esprit.


Donna Smith said...

"Does anybody really know what time it is?"

rch said...

Does anybody really care?

Donna Smith said...

"We've all got time enough to cry"...
just had to look up the rest of the lyrics because I could only piece some together. It was the first time I realized there were two overlapping sets of lyrics. I like it. I think I'm going to try writing a poem that way.