Sunday, January 19, 2014

Childs Play

His precious smile is worth much more
than any gleaming gem
I wish somehow that I could store
a massive hoard of them

his laughter is a sweeter song
than maestros could invent
and I want to hear it all day long
to know that he's content

his presence is a blessed gift
that sometimes seems unreal
but cherised when I feel the lift
from every joyous squeal.


Donna Smith said...

Precious! I could listen to my grandson's laughter for hours and hours!

Shirley Allard said...

There's nothing like grandchildren! They're the sunshine on even our cloudiest days. Nicely said. :)

Anonymous said...

wow that's a good poem i thought it was cute

rch said...

Well thank you Donna, Shirley and Erica!