Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey all, how about ending the month with a little update?

Life has been extremely hectic lately and I’m truly surprised that I’ve kept the blog going on a daily basis. Though I haven’t come right out and said it I now publicly acknowledge that I have officially sold out my mantle as hero for the working man by accepting a promotion to QA Manager of the company I still work for after 27 years (bleh). Needless to say it’s much more to worry about and when annoying thoughts are crowding my brain it’s tough to squeeze some poetry through the cracks. I shall endeavor to keep the streak alive but if it stops check the news for a backpage story about a would-be poet in upstate NY that finally took the bridge. ;-)

As far as my absence from the online poetry community, I would like to give an explanation though I don’t know if it will make sense to anybody but me. I love receiving comments (as I’m sure we all do) and I have received so many lovely ones that it gives me a false sense of confidence. So then I send out a bunch of stuff to be considered for publication and get no response at all, or the ever popular rejection. This just depresses me so much that I figured I’d withdraw and just keep putting it out there as my own personal form of catharsis. When I started this blog that was one of my main intentions, to have a discourse with the world through my creative writings, and I feel I have accomplished that somewhat as I have had readers from literally all over the globe. At any rate I miss the online friends I’ve made and will start getting around to commenting again as time permits.

Finally I would like to thank all the people that have kept stopping by and leaving kind words. Though I don’t come out and say it I really appreciate your thoughts more than you know. Oh well back to reality, later taters!


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Congratulations on the promotion, Bob. :-)

rch said...

Thanks a lot (I think). I should also mention that I did have one submission accepted over at River Poets Journal so it's all about staying positive, which has always been a problem for me. Take care my friend.

Janet Martin said...

I know one person who you have astounded, inspired, amazed, blessed and given much laughter with your glorious sense of humor!

God bless and thank-you. If duty over-rides desire I understand!

Donna Smith said...

Ok, this page without a poem disturbed me no end. So. I had to create a poem out of your post. I used only words or phrases from the post. It would be a cross out poem, but I didn't use the words all in order. I placed them in the order I wanted them:

far from the poetry
sold out
to worry about
will make sense
annoying thoughts
crowding my brain
one of my main
back to reality
on a daily basis
I miss Catharsis

It's not great, but you couldn't have a poemless page.
Stay positive. It's all good!

rch said...

Janet, thanks now if only I could get a publisher to feel that way :-\

Hey Donna, I like it, I'll just send you words and you arrange them ;-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the promotion. You deserve the recognition (and the extra $).

rch said...

You mean I should've gotten a raise with the promotion? Haha thanks Mike now let's just hope the place keeps going.