Friday, March 22, 2013


I think about the good mom
the one that wasn't scarred
the one that loved and laughed and prayed
and hugged us really hard
the one that always stressed to me
the potency of dreams
and showed me how to see the truth
beneath the endless seams.

I can't forget but do forgive
the mom that she became
the one that couldn't just move on
or learn to handle shame
the spirit who was slowly downed
a liter at a time
and whose ungodly suffering
was such a tragic crime.

Why must we be burdened by
such unforgiving flaws
bemoaning our misfortune
even though we are the cause
we've got to learn from those before
that struggled needlessly
how hopefulness and mercy help
us live for what may be.


Donna Smith said...

"I can't forget but do forgive...." Important and healing words.

rch said...

I miss her a lot, it's hard not to cry whenever I think of how I abandoned her because I couldn't handle her drinking. I pray God has granted her peace.