Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I wanted to contribute but was dry
much like a barren blue and cloudless sky
but then I figured maybe I could lend
perspective that would endlessly extend
until a grain of sand got in my eye
and suddenly the light was not my friend

impaling jaded pupils with the facts
that no amount of blinking counteracts:
refusal to be part of the machine
eliminates your chances to be mean
or be involved in more productive pacts
that those who are contented may convene.


Donna said...

This does not sound like a good day at work...sorry. Hope you get refueled and revitalized, and feel like a member of the pack again...or as much as you wish to be! I'm pretty sure I know this exile of which you speak...Is it exile if you send yourself?

Lynn Proctor said...

i could feel the pain of that grain of sand---great message

rch said...

You nailed it Donna, but it looks like the outsider may be back in ;-)

Yes Lynn, it really stung :O