Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mything the Sun

When Mercury is low he's such a bully
jabbing me with bony knuckles
and causing pain in places
that I've never hurt before,
then taunting with the frosty barbs
the haughty will employ
if loosed upon the world
of mortal woe.

It's only when Apollo deigns
to lift his comrade up
that things can be much easier to bear
inspiring more temperate climes
by managing the reins
with emphasis towards splendor
not despair.


Ella said...

So fun to read!
Yeah, I like a stab at this moody
barometric troll ;D lol
Great job~

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


The weather touches everything, but especially our daily moods...Longing for summer sightings and that missing warmth too!!!

Happy Sunday,

Mary said...

Ah yes, that Mercury is a bully indeed! I have about had enough of his frosty barbs for this year. Bring on Apollo!! Enjoyed your writing today, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know those knuckled barbs so well! And so do my joints! Isn't there a law against bullies?

Ten Minute Mile

Kim Nelson said...

Dear Bob,
My knuckles and knees commiserate. Well said!

rch said...

Haha had to do a little rename after some contemplation, stay warm, spring is almost here.