Sunday, February 17, 2013


A plan can take so long to realize
that sometimes we forget the wheres and whys
at which point we must take the time to ask:
was the outcome truly worth the task?

We deviously dabble and devise
yet plans can take so long to realize
that often we are left without a clue
concerning what our schemes were meant to do;

a grudge will only carry us so far
despite the size of wounds that need to scar
and plans can take so long to realize
we'll likely heal before we jeopardize

our future for a moments wicked bliss
of relishing the life we made amiss
a puppet of the Devil's compromise
whose plan has taken long to realize.


Grace said...

I like the refraining line, a plan can take so long to realize ~ But the third stanza resonated with me with grudges and wounds that scar ~

Happy Sunday to you ~

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good deeds come and good deeds go but grudges? Ah, grudges go on forever.

rch said...

Hi grace, I thought repeating would accentuate the wait, thanks.

Hey J, at this point I have to agree but hopefully I'll.get over it, they aren't worth it, thanks for stopping by.