Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Always on the prowl
for any beast or fowl
beware that chilling howl

that pierces your defense
alerting every sense
misgiving grows immense

it's lurking low and lean
(atrocious hunger keen)
impatient for a spleen

with jaws that splinter bone
and fangs innately prone
to butcher not atone--

so if you hear a growl
or see a lupine scowl
beware that chilling howl.


wordcoaster said...

Love the echoing howl--nice write! :)

uneven steven said...

did well with the rhyming :-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh but I LOVE that chilling howl! I may join in. This is very cleverly written. Love the rhyming and tempo.

Susan said...

Ode to sound--cool.

SaraV said...

Excellent poem! I love that line "impatient for a spleen" LOL

António Eduardo Lico said...

The harmony in this poem sounds good.

Mary said...

Ah, I can 'see' a wolf from your words! Love your wordings such as 'lurking low and lean.'

Kathy Donlan said...

Ah, this poem sent shivers down my spine!

rch said...

Thanks a lot and btw Ella I accidentally deleted your comment but wanted you to know I appreciate it as I do all comments.

Old Ollie said...

tight poem - nice vivid imagery too

I used the word interloper recently...I had to find a few synonyms.

S.E.Ingraham said...

very nice ... the lilt in the rhyme made feel the howl ... well done .. thanks for stopping by my elephant blog and commenting also (that's a blogger template btw, if every you do want to see the whole face, or, if I remember, I might stick it up blank sometime and then I'll put a notice up at PU to that effect ...) Thanks again, for the work you're doing at PU